Cuevas del rey

Junto con el Roque Bentayga y el Roque Camello, Cuevas del Rey forma parte del complejo arqueológico de la Sierra del Bentayga. Se trata de un entorno.
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You will then have the opportunity to swim in the turquoise and emerald-green water. From there, we continue to visit the caves of Lanquín. These caves are so called Kamba Caves; dry caves with a little river running through its interiors.

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There are many interesting stalactites to be found, and one of the highlights of the visit to these caves is the thousands bats flying out from the cavern at dusk. The Río Lanquín flows out of this cave. We will also visit the beautiful waterfalls of Lanquín which are surrounded by a natural cloud forest. Caves were an important site of Mayan pilgrimage and rituals. For the Maya people, caves served a sacred function.

They were considered the holiest places on earth, a mystical underworld outside of normal time, where gods dwelled and Maya priests went to commune with them. Even today, modern Mayas can be seen visiting caves for Christian and traditional Maya ceremonies.

To enter the cave, you must go down to the bottom of a deep gorge where a lush forest is growing. To the gorge, formed by the collapse of an ancient cavern, you may climb down a steep ladder or you may rappel your way down. Within this cave you can admire remains of ancient Maya culture such as altars, ceramic pieces and the first cave paintings to be discovered in Guatemala depicting the outlines of two monkeys and a jaguar.

LA CUEVA DEL REY Alexander Paredes Salazar

Reaching these paintings, which the cave is named for, requires crawling through two very narrow passages in the rocks, approximately one meter wide. At the end there is a part of tubing. You can reach the cave by rappel or steps downs. It is the perfect combination between adrenaline and rest, emotion and distraction, nature and adventure.

You can navigate the whole year around, and you can navigate from one to three consecutive days, so camping is another option alongside rafting.

You just need to know how to swim. Not suitable for pregnant women and people with a heart disease. Cuevas del Rey Marcos half Day.

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